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Pure Adonai

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Seek first the kingdom of God. 

Hi, I'm Rachael Belcher

Here you will find a space of loving support, compassion, understanding and healing while navigating your true path and alignment with God. 

My mission is to educate, support and maximise human potential to achieve balance and harmony for all life force energy. My unique divine purpose is aligning you with your purpose and coaching you to achieve your own greatness on this ascension journey. 

You have been guided here for a reason!

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Medical Intuitive Womb/Hara Massage Therapy

 As a womb hará massage therapist, I specialize in providing a medical intuitive, multidimensional approach to women's reproductive & womb health . The transformational journey is a rebirthing of heaven on earth, activating the sacred medicine within your womb space.


My goal is to clairvoyantly scan the body  & actively implement a unique harmonising formula. Re-balancing & awakening the communication pathways of all cells, organs & tissue in the body network .

A great deal of focus is on the root cause, penetrating deeper into your consciousness, energy field, emotional body.

 Disharmony & disease can arise from ancient timelines, bloodlines, birthing experiences, beliefs & programs, divine union splits & ancestral trauma, dating back thousands of years.

The womb/har massage therapy is a combination of ancient cultures & techniques from Chinese Chi Nei Tsang, Hawaiian Lomi Loma, Mayan abdominal massage, fertility massage, Indian, Tibetan, Japanese culture, Egyptian, Gnostic, & Christian beliefs.

The culmination of many techniques provides healing for a range of Ailments:

Menstrual Cycle, PMS, pain, ovulation, hormonal imbalance, Endometriosis.

Fertility issues, menopause, fibroids & ovarian cysts, organ prolapse.

stress, anxiety, grief, trauma release, sexual abuse & violation, sexual health, digestive health, detoxification, constipation, migraines & headaches, scar tissue, frequent urination, lower back pain, sciatica issues, balance, vertigo, lymphatic system drainage & re-aligning the nervous system.

Testimonial For Womb Hara

What They Say About Our Service

I met Rachel in 2018 through a mutual friend & I have since had sessions, coaching, programs & womb/hara massage Therapy. I have had weekly coaching sessions with Rachel since August last year. I highly recommend every woman to experience the womb/Hara Massage Therapy. I had the experience of seeing my mum (who has passed) in the room whilst having my massage.

I have had a lot of medical issues, especially this year & found that Rachael’s sharp medical intuitive abilities have guided me back to great health & wellbeing. She has healed me on numerous occasions with my medical issues. In fact, her medical intuitive sessions have alerted me to things I need to look out for. Forever grateful



Rachael Belcher

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What They Say About Our Service

I have always found Rachael to be informative and accurate. It’s like going to a therapist who knows exactly what’s going on in your life. This year I have been having a particularly bad time with many health issues. Rachael not only confirmed the causes but was able to clear the issues. My physical symptoms disappeared immediately after my session with Rachael. My quality of life improved dramatically overnight. I really don’t know how to thank her for this. It was truly life-changing!


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