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Medical Intuitive / Healing Consultation

"Lay your hands on the sick and see them recover"

- Mark 16:18

As a medical Intuitive, I access high-level information from Christ Consciousness, about a person’s or animal’s health issues. All health problems affect a person's homeostasis balance & can manifest into problematic diseases in the body. The origin of any disease is spiritual in nature. Some issues are seen or detected from generational bloodlines / curses or on a vibrational / energy level.  This includes current symptoms or symptoms that have not yet manifested in the physical body. I always scan the whole physical body for any health issues, major and minor, then proceed to give the root causes. This can include healing what has shown up physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.


A very sacred space is held for this session. A  loving & compassionate, safe container for your higher self & awareness to witness the process with your conscious & subconscious mind.


Wellness & Ascension Healing examples:


  • Reverse & collapse the programming of the mind, emotional body & all spiritual bodies created via social conditioning, the current systems, mindset, family bloodlines & inherited conditions.

  • Removal of curses & hexes.

  • AAI Technology.

  • Inorganic timelines.

  • Demons & closing demonic doors / attachments.

  • Spiritual attacks from other entities

  • Hooks & implants.

  • Stains & inverted symbols in your energy field.

  • Relationship & emotional entanglement.


Therefore, by scanning your body, cells, and coded information in your DNA, present and future issues can be addressed & cleared. Re-balancing parts or all of the body that have caused disease or illness.


The Elohim family of angels & my galactic family, of the Blue Rays & andromeda beings, assist in multidimensional healings.


I Have the gifts & templates to perform angelic miracles. Using mini-miracle support codes.

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