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Quantum Healing

In the Quantum Healing Session, you will collapse out emotion looping, mental confusion, programs, soul fragmentation & all timelines, that do not serve your divine mission here on earth.

Image by Yoann Boyer

Your Quantum healing sessions are designed to move you through wormholes & portals, that have you organically experiencing the abundance that is your birthright. God wants you to reframe old beliefs and clear your ego to submit and devote your alignment with his divine purpose, in every area of your life. Therefore, balancing the masculine & feminine principles (Hiros Gamos) within ourselves is so important as human consciousness. Evolving into effortlessness, returning to inner balance. 


"Hiros Gamos or Hierogamy is the sacred marriage of a human being with divinity, the inner spirit  & the unification between all life expressions & its level of opposite." 


Your unique mission & soul blueprint is sometimes beyond your human understanding. Through this ascension / quantum healing journey you realise, you are & always have been so much more.


There is only one key that opens the door to your destiny & that key is Christ & Christ Sophia.

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