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Prophetic / Remote Viewing / Energy Field Consultation

A one-on-one conversation designed to provide unparalleled insight, information and clarity to your current situation. 

Image by Joshua Sortino

A prophetic consult involves gaining information or clarity about the current situations in your life or questions. Rachael will bring up your soul blueprint, remote view into your energy field & higher self to receive the information required. 


Rachael also works on a multidimensional level with human / animals who have transitioned to the third heaven with god.


Included is any relevant information regarding life issues & prophetic words from God.


Included in this session is the transmutation of Generational traumas, attachments, demons, diseases, curses, hooks, AAI implant patterns & loops & damages to the DNA. Current timelines & choices.


Rachael also looks at present & future timelines to assist you to be on the highest timeline possible with your higher self.


Depending on the amount of time you choose for your consult, depends on how in-depth the consult will be.


Please choose carefully as extra time may need to be booked at a later date.

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